Spanish Verb Mastery!

Mastering verb forms in Spanish is essential.

When you speak Spanish,

Do you feel stranded in the present tense?

Are there pauses while you search for the right verb form?

It is hard to feel confident in Spanish until you master the most common verb tenses.

But with so many verb forms, how do you tackle this challenge?


The entire course with all of our verb tense lessons, exercises, and quizzes is now available completely for free!

Our free exercises let you practice in natural sentences:

Example Exercise

Practice in Context is the Key

To master Spanish verbs, you need to see them in context many times.

Our exercises ask you to provide the correct verb form in each sentence, helping your brain form the connections that truly make the process automatic.

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Whether you are a beginner focused on the present tense or a more advanced student, VerbMaestro is the tool you need to truly master Spanish verbs.