Unit 10 - The "Big Three" Revisited
Lesson 10.1 - Present Tense Complete

An opportunity to practice the present tense again, regular and irregular combined.

Reviewing the Present Tense

If you are following the units in sequence, it's been quite a while since you worked with the present tense.

Here in the buildup to this unit's "Big Three" finale, this set of exercises is a chance to dust off your knowledge of the present tense.

No More Restrictions on Context

In addition, from here on out, there will be no restrictions on which verb forms are allowed to appear in the context of the exercise sentences.

While this lesson will be asking for a present tense conjugation, the surrounding sentence might also include verbs in the conditional, future, or other tenses.

So if you see an unknown verb form, take a moment to consider how it appears in the context.

This gives you a chance to begin seeing the language as a whole.