Unit 10 - The "Big Three" Revisited
Lesson 10.4 - The "Big Three" Finale, (plus two!)

Practice the present, preterite, and imperfect tenses with no restrictions on form or context.

The Big Three Finale

This exercise presents all forms of all the tenses that we have studied so far.

Despite talking about the "Big Three" tenses, I also included the two Progressive tenses we learned along the way, the Progressive Present and Progressive Past.

So you are actually practicing five different verb tenses, including both regular and irregular verbs.

No Restrictions on Context

In addition, as mentioned in the previous lessons of this unit, you will now see verbs of any tense whatsoever in the sentence context.

Remember the Color Coding

Sometimes it can be hard to tell from context whether an exercise is asking for the preterite or imperfect past tense.

Often either would make a perfectly accurate sentence, although the meaning would usually be slightly different.

In those cases, remember that the color of the input box is different for each requested tense.

And when in doubt, the tense is indicated just below the exercise.

That should help you avoid unintended mistakes just because a sentence could have more than one possible answer.