Unit 3 - Imperfect Tense - Regular Forms
Lesson 3.4 - Imperfect Tense: Regular Forms, All Together
Exercises 3.4 Quiz 3.4

You can now conjugate nearly every Spanish verb in the imperfect tense. Let's put them all together, -ar, -er, and -ir.

Putting It All Together

By now, you know how this works. There is no new material in this lesson.

Instead, we will be combining what you have learned previously in this unit, to practice conjugating in the imperfect tense across all three verb types.

In the exercises and quiz for this lesson, you will see -ar, -er, and -ir verbs in any combination.

Almost All the Imperfect Verbs are Regular

For future reference, there are only 3 verbs that are irregular in the imperfect tense.

We will postpone looking at ser, ir, and ver until a later unit.

But, hey, only three! That's good, right?

Still Wondering About Preterite vs Imperfect?

If you still aren't sure when to use each of the past tenses, well, don't feel alone. Knowing when to use preterite vs when to use the imperfect is a skill that takes some time to develop.

But since you know how to form each of the tenses, you may want to refer back to the excellent resources on that topic that I listed back in Lesson 2.1.

However, this lesson's exercises won't be challenging you by mixing in the preterite just yet. Instead, it's all about forming the imperfect correctly.

So, Good Luck in the Exercises! Carry on!