Unit 8 - Present Tense Verbs, Complete!
Lesson 8.1 - All Present Tense Verbs
Exercises 8.1 Quiz 8.1

Finally! We have talked about lots of variations in the present tense. Now put it all together in one place.


I know, I know. It has been a lot of work to get this far.

But finally, you have practiced almost all of the oddities of present tense verb forms in Spanish.

Sure, there are oddball verbs that still don't fit into the numerous categories we have discussed, but frankly, there aren't all that many.

So now put your newfound expertise to work...

All the Present Tense Verbs, Together

Your challenge now is to confront present tense verbs in their natural habitat, unencumbered by artificial distinctions between regular and irregular verbs.

Imagine yourself in the Amazon jungle amidst the wildness of the verbs, surrounded by both the normal and the not-so-normal conjugations.

Ok, maybe I got a little carried away with this bad metaphor...

By now, you know the drill...

Here in this lesson, the exercises and quiz will mix and match all forms of the present tense. So good luck, and watch where you step in the jungle!