Unit 90 - Test Yourself on All the Tenses Here
Lesson 90.1 - Includes all the exercises for all the tenses

The exercises for this lesson include every sentence in our library. It's here for our users who are ready to challenge themselves with everything we've got!

These exercises include tenses for which lessons do not yet exist, like the subjunctive and the imperative.

Note that there are fewer example sentences in those tenses, as we generally add lots of examples when we complete a lesson. But still, there is plenty of material to practice.

So, what about those lessons for the subjunctive and the imperative? Well, maybe I'll get to them eventually. When I finished up the development of VerbMaestro to this point, I got involved in some other projects that took me away for a long period.

I would like to eventually add lessons on the remaining tenses, but I don't currently have a timeframe. That's one of the reasons that I decided to make all this content available for free, as I still consider it a work in progress.